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Dementia Care

Dementia care in Sarasota can include many different services. Nestcare Home Health Care provides in-home care for those diagnosed with dementia. In addition to support for the client, we also provide family support services as well.


Navigating this diagnosis can be incredibly overwhelming and present many obstacles you may not be prepared for initially. Our experienced care providers are specifically trained to support clients needing memory care services. 


Our admission process begins with our signature NEST assessment. This includes assessment of your Nutrition, Environment, Supports, and Tasks. Our nurses assess your health, wellness, and current lifestyle to make certain we help you reach your health goals. This includes crafting a personalized care plan to support the health of your brain and body. All of our care plans include our trademarked MINDSBOX activities.


This ensures that daily brain building activities are built into your care plan. We also know how essential nutrition, diet, and daily movement are to supporting memory and cognitive function. This is why we build these activities into each and every care plan. For dementia clients, we work hand in hand with your care provider to support your neurological and brain health needs. 

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