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Caregiver Agency Sarasota
Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Nestcare Services?

At Nestcare we believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from a home health agency. This is why we support healthcare throughout the lifespan including brain health, postpartum support, pediatrics, senior home care, nurse coaching, dementia and alzheimers support, chronic disease support, skilled nursing, and more. Many of our clients come to us for support with managing medications, managing chronic health conditions, improving brain health, reducing their fall risk, surgical or hospital recovery, receiving additional support at home, or even those who are experiencing a life transition or a new diagnosis.


What Home Health Care Do You Offer?

We offer more than simply skilled nursing services. We also offer nurse coaching, case management, as well as homecare services. Our nurses carefully craft care plans for each client and supervise the nursing assistants to make certain those plans are properly implemented. For our homecare clients our care plans include our MINDSBOX activities so that our clients work on brain building activities each day. This includes activities related to movement, intellect, nutrition, dexterity, and sensory activities. We know it can be easy to overlook these activities as an adult, so we make it easy to build these into your daily routine.


Do you take insurance?

We have found that we are able to help our clients reach their goals much faster when the client is able to take control of their own healthcare. Unfortunately, many health insurance companies now have so many limitations in their plan and those provide obstacles to receiving the care they actually need. We want our clients to truly live well at home, and we don’t want them to waste time on therapies that may not be effective simply because the health insurance wants them to exhaust one method before trying another. We aim to work directly with your physician to support your healthcare needs. For these reasons we accept direct payments via cash, check, or credit card.


Does Medicare Pay For Home Care?

Medicare does not typically cover home care services. They do cover skilled nursing home health services under certain conditions. We are not a Medicare provider for skilled nursing services. 

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