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How do you know when it is time for help at home?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Life transitions can feel overwhelming, and often children are left to navigate a complicated web of healthcare options for their aging parents. How do you know it is time to get more support at home? What do you do if your loved one is resistant to additional help? How does the process work?

Unfortunately, the answers are not as straightforward as we would like them to be. However, there are many clues that can help you determine the next phase of care, and there are many resources that can help you navigate this unfamiliar territory.

It is also important to understand that home care supports do not need a diagnosis, or even meet a specific criteria for your loved one to get support. In Sarasota, Florida you can receive these services via private duty nursing from Nestcare Home Health Care. Home care services can include personal care (such as bathing, dressing, and hygiene), housekeeping services, grocery shopping, transportation, and even nurse case management services that can help you navigate the challenges of the healthcare system for yourself and your loved ones.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Almost 25% of adults aged 45-65 are caregivers to a family member. If you are acting as a caregiver and are feeling overwhelmed, unsure as to how to navigate the needs of your family, or feeling stressed or anxious about providing all of the care they need, it is time to explore additional services. Caregiving can take a toll emotionally and caregivers can be susceptible to compassion fatigue. In order to support your own health and wellness, hiring additional services can support your mental and physical health. If you are feeling unsure as to how to navigate recent changes in your own health status, calling for a consultation for additional services is a great place to begin.

Refusal of care

It can be very challenging for your loved ones (who have been in the role of a caregiver to you throughout your life) to adjust to the one needing caregiving. This can lead to them refusing care that they need. It can be incredibly stressful when this occurs, and often having a hired caregiving team can help diffuse this situation. If you are uncomfortable with your family providing care for you, then utilizing a specialized care team may be the answer.

Not sure what care they need

Understanding the healthcare needs of your loved ones can be very challenging. This is especially true if they live far away from you, or if you are new to understanding the healthcare needs of your loved one. Sometimes it can be difficult for clients themselves to truly understand their own healthcare needs. For example, they may feel like they are doing very well and getting around their house quite easily, however a nurse or physical therapist may see their struggle with balance and coordination. This could put them at risk for falls and more intense healthcare needs. If you are a potential client, and know that your health needs have changed, but you are not quite sure what home care services can help with-then call us at Nestcare home health for a consultation today.

At risk for falling

Aging changes our sensory system, and therefore increases our fall risk. There are many other things that can contribute to our fall risk such as; a history of stroke, cardiac issues, neurological challenges, memory challenges, poor vision or cataracts, take 4 or more medications, or has balance and coordination struggles. Men have a 49% higher fall fatality rate than women, however women often have longer and more frequent hospital admissions due to falls. In short, falls can create many more health struggles and getting support to prevent falls should be in each and every care plan. Even if your loved one seems to be doing well living on their own, hiring home care supports can decrease their fall risk. They can get assistance with many activities of daily living which can decrease their fall risk. In addition, Nestcare Home Health in Sarasota, Florida has a registered nurse perform each admission assessment, and they take into consideration the current living environment and how we can help you make it safer. This is so important to reducing the risk of falls in all of our clients.

Need assistance with chronic disease management

Managing chronic disease such as cardiovascular, respiratory, or kidney disease can feel incredible overwhelming. These diagnoses can come with multiple medications, diet recommendations, physical exercise recommendations and more. It can be incredibly challenging for clients and loved ones to navigate this process. This is why at Nestcare home health in Sarasota, Florida we have registered nurses who provide case management services to make certain you are receiving the care and support you need-in addition to having a strong care plan. Our nurses help you to plan your nutritional needs, you daily movement, as well as work with your physician to implement your plan of care.

Overall, it can be challenging to understand when the right time to start home care can be, however it does not have to be that way. Give us a call at Nestcare home health today in Sarasota, Florida to book your consultation with our care team and get you the support you or your loved one need right away.

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