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Senior Care At Home
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Home Care Sarasota

Nestcare Home Care in Sarasota provides complete in home care services to seniors, pediatric, adult, and postpartum clients in Sarasota, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Bird Key, Lido Key, and Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Desoto counties. All of our care providers are licensed and background checked for your peace of mind. We provide quality, holistic, individualized home care in Sarasota that covers all of your health and wellness needs. This allows you to stay at home instead of a facility.


Private Duty Home Care is care provided in your home that does not include skilled nursing services. This care may include supports such as light housekeeping, assistance with activities of daily living, hygiene support, bathing, toileting, transferring, and more.



What is Sarasota Home Care? 

Sarasota home care is the most popular choice of care for senior in-home care because it allows you to age in place in the comfort of your own home. This may include your single family home, assisted living, independent living, your Sarasota condo, or wherever you call home. As we age our brain and bodies change and we may need some assistance to continue to live well at home. Many other Sarasota home care agencies are only focused on the tasks they can hire staff to do for you, but with Nestcare home care services we are interested in improving your health and wellness in addition to the support with tasks. Many of our clients first rely on relatives to help them continue to remain independent, but these relatives are not necessarily trained in caregiving or health and wellness. Nestcare home care services includes educating, supporting, and even training your relatives to support you if necessary. 


What Does Home Care Support Include?

Home care services are not the same as home health services. Home care services include many non-medical senior care such as senior companion services, housekeeping, personal errands, grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, and more. Home care also includes assistance with showering, dressing, bathing, toileting, medication reminders and other personal care services. These services will help you live at home instead of being transferred to a facility. As a Nestcare client you will receive these services as well as additional services including daily activities that support cognitive function to support memory, focus, attention and more. Our highly trained staff also spend time to include home care daily wellness activities such as healthy meal preparation, decreasing your exposure to toxins, increasing your socialization, daily movement to support your brain and body and more. These services are provided by private caregivers in the Sarasota area and surrounding counties. 

At Nestcare Sarasota we provide the needed home care services to seniors, adults, and pediatric clients. Our trained care providers are committed to providing you with all of your unique home care needs. We begin with a nurse assessment to see which home care services will benefit you or your loved one. Then we craft a unique and individualized care plan to provide you with home care services which support your current home care needs as well as improve your wellness and help you to reach your health goals. 


Contact us at (941) 404-7583 or use the form below to schedule a consultation with a Registered Nurse to discuss your home care needs. We will meet with you and your loved ones to evaluate their current home care needs and complete an environmental assessment to help you learn about any potential changes to improve your health and wellness. We provide home care services in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and in Charlotte, Lee, and Collier counties.


Quality In-Home Care in Sarasota, FL


Our care providers at Nestcare provide many different home care services. All of our home care services include our trademarked MINDSBOX activities. These evidenced-based home care activities help to support the development of your brain, memory, focus, and attention. Our care providers provide home care services with respect and commitment to holistic care of our clients. This means that we are interested in your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. With that in mind our home care services address many areas of your life  these home care services may include:


Personal Care At Home: Our caregivers can help by providing home care services to assist with activities of daily living, including bathing, getting dressed, toileting, transferring, combing their hair, and oral care to help them keep up with their personal hygiene and appearance.


Meal Preparation Home Care: Nutrition is incredibly important to your physical and emotional health. At Nestcare one of our home care services is nutritious meal preparation and education. Many studies have shown the link between immunity, brain health, and nutrition and we educate our clients and caregivers on the importance of the MIND diet. We also work with your nutritionist or physician to customize your diet and nutrition needs. 


Errands and Shopping Home Care: Perhaps your physician discussed making some dietary changes, but you may feel overwhelmed on how to begin those changes. With Nestcare Sarasota home care services you can relax and leave the grocery shopping to us. We can help you plan nutritious meals and snacks as well as assist with errands. This can be especially helpful for memory home care clients, or home care clients with mobility challenges. 


Light Housekeeping: Reducing your exposure to toxins and allergy irritants can help support your immune health. Home care housekeeping tasks may be difficult for those with physical or cognitive limitations. Our care providers will help keep the home neat and clean by doing some light housekeeping duties including washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and taking out the garbage.


Companion Home Care: Throughout the lifespan social interactions improve mood, mental and emotional health, and overall wellness. For this reason our companion home care services focus on building strong relationships with our clients and providing them with interactive activities that support socialization and emotional well being. 


Memory Home Care: Our Sarasota home care services include memory care. As we age we experience many cognitive changes. Our home care is unique because we integrate our MINDSBOX activities. This means that each and every client is working to build their brain and maintain their memory, focus, and attention. We also provide support for family caregivers who need more support and education to understand changing memory care needs. 


Respite Home Care: Often loved ones are taken care of by a family caregiver. At times, the family caregiver will need time to care for their own needs, attend their own health appointments, and utilize their own self-care practices. For this reason we also provide respite care. Respite care is home care that is provided by our experienced care providers while the family caregiver is not at the home. 


Post-operative Home Care: Recovering from surgery or a hospitalization can bring a few challenges at home. Our Sarasota home care services can help support your activities of daily living so that you can focus your energy on recovery and healing. 


Care Management: We know that chronic illness and medical conditions can make the healthcare system feel challenging to navigate. At Nestcare we help to manage the care coordination, necessary referrals, and many other aspects of your healthcare so you can focus on reaching your health and wellness goals with decreased stress and anxiety. 


Learn more about our full list of Sarasota health services including skilled nursing, health coaching, and more here.


Our home care services in Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Sarasota, and the surrounding counties begin with YOU in mind. We can customize our care plans not only based on your current needs, but also to support you or your loved one in living well at home. 

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