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Pediatric Behavior Coaching

Tantrums. Screaming. Emotional outbursts. Struggles with focus and attention. Avoiding work at school. Emotional regulation challenges. Aggression. Sleep Struggles. 


Understanding behavior can be really hard. You may feel like your child’s behavior is impacting your work, relationships, their education, and more. Your real source of stress may come from your anxiety about the future. If these behavior challenges are not addressed early on, your child has a greater chance of struggling in school, work, and their own relationships as well. 


Lucky for you, Nestcare offers pediatric behavioral health support. We help you identify and understand current behavioral struggles as well as implement the strategies your child needs. The end result is a happy, healthy home with improved communication and decreased stress and anxiety. This will allow you to focus on managing the future of your family instead of managing daily behaviors. 

Bedtime Story

We know that many physician offices have limited time to educate parents on regulation, sensory processing, learning challenges, behavior struggles, and more. At Nestcare we provide the bridge from health to home. Our registered nurses educate you on behavioral health strategies as well as support you with how to implement those strategies so that you get results. We help to connect you with local resources and coordinate care if needed. We assist with monitoring and reporting of medication side effects, school strategies, and more.

Our behavioral health coaching consists of six weeks of working with an RN to support your family. Some of the topics that we will cover include:


  • Nursing Assessment & Current Service Review

  • Regulation & Sensory Processing

  • Discipline and Behavior Supports

  • Nutrition Support

  • Communication Strategies  (home, school, and providers)

  • Referrals, Advocacy, and Strategy review

As nurses we work alongside your current providers. This may include your pediatrician, therapist, psychiatrist, educational psychologist, and more! We work with you in your own home to support your needs. We can help you to implement strategies suggested by your provider, as well as connect you to the resources available in the community that can help support you. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed with your child’s behaviors at home or at school, and you are looking to get back to a calm and happy home, contact us at Nestcare today for a consultation to see how we can help you. 

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