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Do you ever leave your doctor's appointment feeling overwhelmed with the lifestyle recommendations that they suggest? Perhaps you understand what they are suggesting, but you are not quite sure how to implement those into your daily life. That is where Nestcare can help. We provide an assessment, we can liaison with your physician, and make sure that you are prepared with a clear path to live well at home. We take a holistic approach and focus on the health of your mind, body, and spirit. 


Are you overwhelmed with trying to understand how a care provider could help you live well at home? Are you unsure as to what they could even do? If so, contact us for an assessment. We take care of all of those worries. We begin with an assessment by a Registered Nurse, and then we build a custom plan just for you. We are so much more than simple daily services, we are committed to helping you live your best life by targeting the areas related to nutrition, environment, support, and daily tasks to keep your brain and body as healthy as possible.

In Home
Senior Care Service
Private Duty Nurse | Senior Healthcare


Perhaps you were looking searching for a private duty nurse near me. You are in the right place.

Are you concerned about the rising rates in dementia or Alzheimer's? Are you interested in an in-home senior care service? Are you worried about declining memory and brain health? If so, we have a proven method to help support your physical and mental well being. At Nestcare, we match you with a Nurse Coach who will make an individualized care plan based on your needs and concerns. Along with the care plan, we provide trained staff who will help integrate these wellness activities into your daily life. 

Our Supports

Some of our offerings include:



  • medical supplies

  • nutrition and dietary counseling

  • individual care plans

  • daily brain building tasks

  • nurse coaching services

  • nurse education services

  • reducing toxins for healthy living

  • healthy lifestyle coaching

  • helping you live independently

  • connecting with community resources

  • support for physician appointments


Our range of  solutions may include:



  • daily movement

  • nutrition support

  • dexterity and sensory exercises

  • social and emotional support

  • personal nursing services

  • occupational therapy

  • physical therapy

  • care management

  • private duty nursing


Are you ready to access the support you have been looking for?

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