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Best Beaches for Walking in Sarasota Florida

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We all know that walking has many health benefits from lowering your risk of illness and boosting brain function. Here are a few more reasons why walking can be so good for your heath. When you are a client of Nestcare Home Health in Sarasota, Florida our nurses will work with your physician to create a customized exercise routine for you. These routines include walking.

Walking has been shown to improve your immunity. In fact in a study of over 1,000 people, those that had a regular walking routine also had a 43% decrease in sick visits. Walking for 30 minutes each day has been shown to lower your risk for heart attack and stroke by 30%. Finally, walking has been shown to improve your balance and coordination which also can lead to improved memory and concentration. So now you want to start walking for your health-but what are some great beaches in Sarasota where you can walk.

Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida is located just off of the famous St. Armands Circle. This area is filled with restaurants and entertainment, so it can be a great place to eat an early dinner and then walk the beach for sunset. Parking around St. Armands can be tricky, but Lido Key offers a few parking areas. The beach is generally wide, and the sand is soft and perfect for an evening stroll.

Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, Florida is a famous beach that has been highly recommended for years. Siesta Key has a large parking area that can fill up quickly on the weekends. Siesta Key beach is great to get your steps in because the walk from the parking lot to the water is significant. However, the sand is soft and the beach is wide. There is even a drum circle on Siesta Key beach you can enjoy on some Sunday evenings.

Longboat Key beach is another beach that is close to St. Armands and downtown Sarasota. Longboat key offers many smaller beach access areas, and these beaches tend to be less crowded. These are great for those looking for a quiet beach walk. Longboat Key is also a popular beach for turtles to nest during the summer months. There is an abundance of wildlife throughout Longboat Key, and it is the perfect beach for nature lovers to explore.

South of Sarasota in Venice is Caspersen Beach. This beach offers darker sand and several areas with rocks along the shoreline. Most notably Caspersen Beach is known for the large amounts of shark teeth that can be found there throughout the year. This beach is perfect for someone looking to walk the beach and also spend some time searching for fossils.

Overall Sarasota Florida offers many beaches that can motivate you to incorporate walking into your daily routine. Enjoy the benefits of the sand, sea, and sunlight while you lower your cardiac risk, improve your immunity, and build your brain. Talk to your Nestcare Home Health nurse to plan your walking routine today.


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