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How is Nestcare Different?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Other home health agencies may tell you that they want to help you live better by helping with household chores, preparing meals, providing personal care, and assisting with tasks of daily living. However, at Nestcare home health we put health into healthcare. We don’t only assist with your daily life, we aim to improve it on every level.

We take wellness seriously, and we aim to integrate it into each part of the day. We begin with our unique NEST assessment where we cover your needs relating to nutrition, environment, support, and tasks. This means that we want to understand your current diet and how we can help you improve your health by using nutrition to meet your vitamin and health goals.

Did you know that there are specific diets that have been shown to improve memory, decrease cardiac and stroke risk, and improve overall wellness? We help teach you and coach you beginning with making a grocery list that fits your needs, to preparing delicious brain health meals. Then, we cover your environment. Did you know that there could be toxins and hazards in your environment that have been shown to decrease memory health and your immune response which could cause you to be sick more often. We take this seriously, and assess your living conditions and show you ways that you can decrease the toxins and improve your health.

Next, we assess your supports. What current supports do you have? How can we best assist you so that you can reach your goals as quickly as possible? This may look like using an occupational or physical therapist to improve your movement and ability for certain activities. Finally, we assess your daily tasks. What daily tasks do you have, and how can we best support you? What tasks do you do each day to improve your health and wellness? Do you exercise, eat well, hydrate appropriately, do you have access to things that you need to be well? These are all questions and concerns we go over and finalize a care plan that meets your needs and goals to improve your health and wellness.

You may be wondering why you have not heard of a program like this before? The answer is simple. Healthcare is changing and community health agencies and services need to change as well. Even research(1) shows that there are many opportunities for community health services to improve. At Nestcare we set out to do just that. We use research and evidenced-based practice to help you implement the change that you need to maintain and even improve your quality of life. Many struggle with sleep, decreased immunity, mobility challenges, brain fog, and more-but at Nestcare home health our focus is on helping you to reach your health and wellness goals in a holistic and integrative way.

You know that you are interested in how you can improve your health or that of a loved one. Contact our experienced staff at Nestcare today for a consultation on how we can help you improve your health one goal at a time. Partner with an agency that delivers healthcare the way it was intended, by supporting and coaching each client to achieve their individual goals with the support of a well trained nursing staff.


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