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What are the senior living options in Sarasota?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Making decisions about where you will live in Sarasota can depend on a number of factors. As we age, our needs may change in many different ways. It is important to take your physical and financial limitations into account as you determine which senior living option may be the best for you or your loved one in Sarasota, Florida.

Your Own Home

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It is absolutely possible to remain in your own home even if your health needs increase. In fact, the majority of seniors prefer to remain in their own home instead of relocating to senior housing. A Sarasota home health agency can help you remain in your home and care for you even as your needs increase. At Nestcare home health care, we take healthy living seriously. Our registered nurses prepare comprehensive care plans which include all areas of your daily living. We can refer and coordinate care for your physical and emotional health, as well as help you balance the needs of housekeeping, food preparation, transportation, and more. We are ready to be there for you as your needs change. We may first start with a home health aide for a few hours per week, but we are also able to provide private duty nursing care and increase the support needed. This can be especially beneficial for those clients who feel more comfortable at home and feel like moving may increase their stress levels.

Assisted Living Facility

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Assisted living in Sarasota offers many different options throughout the county. Most of these facilities offer small condo type living, and they have inclusive pricing which may include housing, food, and transportation needs. There are often many opportunities for socialization on site, and access to additional care supports as needed. Assisted living may work well for a client who enjoys living in close proximity to others, and who enjoys the all inclusive environment. At Nestcare we can provide private duty nursing care to our clients who live in many different senior housing options in Sarasota.

Skilled Nursing Facility

skilled nursing facility sarasota

A skilled nursing facility in Sarasota will provide care for those clients who require more nursing services and a higher level of care. These nursing facilities provide 24/7 care typically offering a nursing aide and a nurse during each shift. They assist with medication administration, meals, physical therapy and more. These options may be covered by insurance, or may require out of pocket expenses as well.

Determining the best senior living option for yourself or your loved one in Sarasota will be determined by the needs of the client, and where they choose to live. You can choose to live independently in your own home with the help of a Sarasota home health agency, an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing facility.


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