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Who can benefit from home healthcare?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

nestcare home healthcare sarasota florida

At Nestcare in Sarasota, FL we believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from a home health agency. This is why we support healthcare throughout the lifespan including brain health, postpartum support, pediatrics, senior home care, nurse coaching, dementia and alzheimers support, chronic disease support, skilled nursing, and more. However, we understand that knowing when to hire a home care agency can feel overwhelming and confusing at times. For this reason we are going to guide you through who may benefit from home health care.

Clients with chronic health conditions

If you have chronic health conditions such as cognitive issues, dementia, Alzheimers, diabetes, respiratory conditions, heart disease, osteoarthritis, arthritis, vision or hearing loss, mobility issues, or even cancer, home health care can help support you. At Nestcare our registered nurses can help assess the type of support you may need. This can include education, medication management, lifestyles changes, mobility assistance, and case management that can help you navigate and manage your health more easily.

home healthcare sarasota Florida

Clients who prioritize brain health

At Nestcare we offer our trademarked MINDSBOX to our home health clients. This includes a monthly set of activities that are implemented by our trained care providers to support and build a stronger brain. Our registered nurses coach you and your family on ways to implement brain building activities into your daily life so you can live well at home.

Clients looking to reduce risk from illness or falls

Falls are a leading cause of both fatal and even non fatal injuries among adults. As we age our mobility and equilibrium can change which can put us at risk for falls. At Nestcare we believe health begins in the home. Our nurses will assess your home environment and make certain that we can help you decrease the risk of falls in your environment. Then, we can help to assess your balance and coordination and manage a care plan to support these areas and decrease your fall risk.

home healthcare sarasota florida

Clients looking for support with managing medications

Medications can be overwhelming, and managing medications can be complicated and confusing. In fact, adverse drug events (medication errors) are the reason for over 1.3 million visits to the emergency room each year. At Nestcare we want to help you live well at home, so we take medication management seriously. Our nurses work with your primary care physician and your pharmacist to make certain your medications are managed well. This also includes assessing for side effects and communicating those needs to your primary care physician and other care providers.

Clients looking for support with managing multiple care providers

It can be challenging and time consuming to sit on the phone and try to coordinate information with multiple care providers. At Nestcare we help support you with care coordination. We work to gather information from all of your care providers to facilitate the best care possible.

Clients recovering from surgery or illness

We know that surgery or a recent hospital stay can be challenging to navigate. No matter what stage of life you are in, both of these can impact your ability to care for yourself and others. Nestcare is there to support you with our home health agency. We can provide skilled registered nurses to help you recover, care for wounds, administer medications and more. We can also offer home health aides who can assist you with daily tasks so that you can focus on your health and recovery.

home healthcare sarasota florida

Clients looking for support with a life transition

There can be many transitions in life, and the nurses at Nestcare are ready to support you in all of them. This may include adding a new family member, grief recovery, moving to the area and needing support with community resources, family and behavior support, infant sleep support, and more. We also support those family members who may have become overwhelmed by caring for their loved one. We can help you to manage the transition of their needs as well.

Clients interested in community resources

Perhaps you have found yourself or your loved one requiring more care and assistance and you are not quite sure where to turn. At Nestcare we will effortlessly guide you through the process of navigating the supports that can benefit you the most. We take our trademarked NEST assessment and consider your Nutrition, Environment, Support, and Tasks that you need support with, and we develop a care plan just for you.

Clients with a new diagnosis

Receiving a new diagnosis can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Perhaps you are looking for evidenced based guidance on how to navigate this diagnosis, or even more education and support. At Nestcare Home Health we are there for your every step of the way. We can help you coordinate care, locate resources, coach you and educate you about the diagnosis, and help you implement the lifestyle supports you need.

home healthcare sarasota florida nestcare

Clients interested in implementing lifestyle changes

Did you leave your physician’s office and feel unsure as to how to implement the changes you need? Perhaps your physician spoke about diet and lifestyle changes, but you are not quite certain how to implement those into your daily life. At Nestcare our nurses can support you with lifestyle changes that take your entire health into consideration.

These are the top ten reasons why clients may need the services of our home health agency. In Sarasota, Florida there are many options for home health care, but Nestcare is the only agency that supports you living well at home. If you would like to schedule a consultation please contact us at 941-404-7583.

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